Landlord Services

Our Landlord Services

We provide our clients with a proactive approach to property maintenance and compliance. We offer a complete range of solutions tailored for Landlords for their properties. Please see the list on the below for services that we currently offer:

  • • Fire Door Installation
  • • Fire Door Maintenance
  • • Complete Building Service
  • • Property Refurbishment/Repairs
  • • Kitchen Fitting
  • • Bathroom Fitting
  • • Electrical Works
  • • Plumbing Works
  • • All Flooring (Supply & Fit)
  • • Blinds/Curtains/Poles
  • • Furniture and Flat Packs (Supply & Fit)
  • • Shelving/Notice boards
  • • Painting & Decorating
  • • Cleaning
  • • Gardening/Fencing
  • • Waste Removal

Statutory Compliance Services

We establish a cost effective approach to planned maintenance taking into account property use, condition, manufacturer’s requirements and statutory legislation. We undertake gap analysis to identify potential areas of risk regarding potential breaches of statutory compliance and produce reports outlining the corrective action required. Advisory services are also provided by using our dedicated team.

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment is an assessment of the Fire Risks to occupants of a building and other people in the vicinity of a building and to ensure that those people are safe from the risk of fire and its effects. As the majority of buildings are different and will therefore carry different fire risks a fire risk assessment will be a matter for subjective judgement.

A Fire Risk Assessment is a systematic and structured assessment of fire risk designed to determine the efficiency of existing fire precautions and detail the need for additional fire precautions in the Action Plan. The objective of the Action Plan is to set out measures that will reduce fire risk to a tolerable level.

Electrical Certification

A electrical certification proves that all electrical work within a property is up to standards of Part P, the homeowner or landlord must be able to to prove that the electrical work within their home/property is up to these standards otherwise it is a criminal offence.

All notifiable electrical work must meet the Part P requirements, examples of notifiable electrical are:

  • • Circuit Alteration
  • • Installation of One or More New Circuits
  • • Installation of a Replacement Consumer Unit (Fuse Box)
  • • Rewire of All Circuits
  • • Partial Rewire
  • • New Full Electrical Installation

Gas Certification

A gas certification is a saftey certificate to prove that all of the appliances which are gas powered are fully checked by a registered gas engineer, as well as checking the appliance itself all pipes must be checked for gas tightness and pressure to ensure they are to a satisfactory standard. Other checks will be carried out such as flue flow tests to make sure any biproducts of combustion are removed.

It is the property owner's responsibility to get a Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. You must get this from a Gas Safe Registered engineer for all pipe work, gas appliances and flues installed at your property.

Fire Protection

Fire protection refers to measures taken to prevent fire from becoming destructive, reduce the impact of uncontrolled fire and save lives and property. It involves the implementation of safety planning practices and drills, and includes education on fire, research, investigation, safety planning, building construction, safe operations, training and testing of mitigating systems.

Fire Door Services

We offer fire door installation and maintenance please visit our Fire Door Services page or our Fire Door Installation page to find out more.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Tests or PATs are an electrical check carried out on ‘movable’ items such as kettles, microwaves, hoovers, table lamps, toasters and coffee machines.

All electrical appliances and wiring must be proven to be safe for use before a landlord can rent out a property to a tenant so it is important that PAT's are carried out.

Landlord Services

Electrical Work
Plumbing Work
Property Refurbishment/Repairs
All Flooring (Supply & Fit)

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